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Incomet Capital is the investment advisor to the private precious metal fund SGI79, which targets junior and mid-tier precious metal investment opportunities. We develop a risk weighted portfolio of mining investments through our extensive technical and financial expertise combined with our research approach and the detailed due diligence process.

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Based on the deep understanding of capital markets as well as the specialties of mine finance, we take the opportunity to co-invest in projects on a case by case basis.

Our goal is to find the right and optimal funding structure for each project in order to account for their unique character and needs.

We can show full flexibility in structuring the right financing instrument for the project and solutions can comprise the full spectrum, including:

Precious Metal Fund SGI79
Smart Gold Investments SGI79

Streaming & Royalty Financing
Equity Financing
Mezzanine and Convertible Debt

as well as a combination of the above.

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