Wealth generation through smart gold investments.

Smart Gold Investments 79 is a unique fund with only a handful of comparable funds worldwide.
Our emphasis is on junior precious metal companies that have the potential for significant value appreciation through new discoveries or through the re-rating from a junior development company to a mid-tier producer.

The strong and diversified investment portfolio focuses on low cost, quality assets managed by high calibre teams with significant mining expertise that apply modern exploration and sound project development. These high-quality assets are often the target of mid-tier and major producers that want to achieve immediate production growth and adding resources and reserves to their portfolio. The portfolio is further complemented by a select number of growth oriented small and mid-tier producers as well as junior and mid-tier royalty and streaming companies. We achieve the highest value for our investors and partners by applying its technical and financial expertise enabled by in-house expertise in geology, mine engineering, metallurgy, mining finance and private equity.

Our track record shows the excellent return opportunities that result from our investment strategy.

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Performance since inception

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