Disclaimer – terms and conditions

The website of Incomet incorporates information and opinions on investment tools, products and services (subsequently altogether referred as “investment products”). You are only allowed to visit the subsequent part of the website, if you read the following legal references for investment products carefully and afterwards accept the terms and conditions.

With your agreement and your access to the website you acknowledge that you have understood the terms and conditions and that you have explicitly accepted them.

Please note that the information contained in the following pages is intended exclusively for professional investors within the meaning of § 1 sect. 19 no. 32 KAGB (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch) (in conjunction with Annex II of Directive 2014/65/EU) and semi-professional investors within the meaning of § 1 sect. 19 no. 33 KAGB who are domiciled or have their place of business in the European Economic Area.

Pursuant to § 1 sect. 19 no. 33 KAGB, a semi-professional investor is

  1. a)
    any investor

    1. aa)
      who undertakes to invest at least 200,000 euros,
    2. ab)
      who states in writing in a document separate from the investment commitment agreement that he is aware of the risks associated with the intended commitment or investment,
    3. ac)
      whose expertise, experience and knowledge are assessed by the AIF management company or its appointed distributor without assuming that the investor has the market knowledge and experience of the investors referred to in Section I of Annex II to Directive 2014/65/EU,
    4. ad)
      where the AIF management company or its delegated marketing company is reasonably confident, taking into account the nature of the intended commitment or investment, that the investor is capable of making his own investment decisions and understands the risks involved and that such commitment is appropriate for the investor concerned; and
    5. ae)
      to whom the AIF management company or the distributor appointed by it confirms in writing that it has carried out the assessment referred to in sub-paragraph ac) and that the conditions referred to in sub-paragraph ad) are met,
  2. b)
    a manager or employee of the AIF management company referred to in § 37 sect. 1 KAGB, provided that he invests in AIFs managed by the AIF management company, or a member of the management or board of directors of an externally managed investment company, provided that he invests in the externally managed investment company,
  3. c)
    any investor who undertakes to invest at least EUR 10 million in an investment fund,
  4. d)
    any investor in the legal form of

    1. da)
      an institution under public law,
    2. db)
      a foundation under public law, or
    3. dc)
      a company in which the Federal Government or a Land holds a majority interest,if the Federal Government or the Land invests or is invested in the relevant special AIF at the time of the investment of the establishment, foundation or company.

Neither a Recommendation nor an Offer

The content which is published is neither a recommendation nor a proposal to buy, hold or sell the respective investment product or to execute any other transaction or legal act. It exclusively serves for personal use only as well as for information purposes. The content as well as the legal references for investment products can change at any time and without any previous notice by Incomet.

The content which is provided in the area investment products does not represent any recommendation for your investment and other decisions and does not characterise any form of advice. Before investing in an investment product, the investor has to have read carefully and for information purposes through the available legal documents as well as all other documents which are potentially required according to local regulations and laws (i.e. offering memorandum as well as the annual report of a fund). A detailed study of the incorporated legal references as well as references in regard to risks is particularly important. Before taking any investment decision, it is recommended to involve an investment specialist.

Confirmation Disclaimer

Agree: I am a professional investor or a semi-professional investor according to the German KAGB (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch) with domicile or place of business in the European Economic Area and I have read the above mentioned terms and conditions, I understand them and I agree to them.

Disagree: I am not a professional investor or semi-professional investor and/or I have not read the above mentioned terms and/or I do not understand them and/or I do not agree to them.

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