By understanding the mindset and requirements of corporates as well as funding partners we can provide the optimal solution for each situation wherever finance is involved.

Our Focus Areas:

Validation of business plans and deriving the optimal financing solution for our clients is one of the key areas of Incomet. The structuring and arranging of comprehensive financing packages are comprised of any kind of instrument ranging from project finance to a full refinancing and optimisation of an existing financing structure.

Especially in these situations time is valuable for management. We create value by adding capacity when it is needed most, with an extensive knowledge of how to manoeuvre in such situations. Determination of position, stakeholder management and creating the best financing solutions in stressed situations are our core disciplines.

We have a vast knowledge on running M&A-processes and successfully closing several transactions. This includes enterprise valuations, process management, due diligence and everything else alongside an M&A-process.

Having worked on the side of companies for decades, the team understands well the necessities of management reporting and reporting to stakeholders, liquidity planning and treasury management, as well as working capital management and IT-based solutions for budgeting and reporting. In this we constantly add value to our customers.

We have a partnership with GFL, Gesellschaften für Liquidität, offering comprehensive working capital solutions.

Let’s connect and add value together.