By applying our extensive experience in the mining industry gained over the last decade, we work together with management teams to identify solutions to lift the full asset potential.

Our Focus Areas:

Our team helps you to make critical decisions about corporate strategy, performance improvements and your organisational set-up. We help to achieve throughput improvements and cost reductions by de-bottlenecking, improving equipment and labour productivity, reducing process complexity and building a lean and flexible supply chain.

Our professional, multidisciplinary due diligence process covers all aspects of mine development, from exploration and feasibility stage, through to design, contract negotiations, construction supervision, mine management, operational assistance and economic modelling. The dynamic integration of financials and operational performance indicators allow the team to understand the profitability and sustainability of a company.

Hands-on operational experience gained from our assets will support your project to achieve exceptional results. We assist our clients to focus on the right ideas and their rapid implementation to deliver bottom-line improvement as well as how to better operate responsibly and sustainably.

Our team has long-standing experience in structuring and arranging offtake agreements on both sides of the table. This puts the team and its partners into a unique position to deliver quick and balanced solutions out of one hand. Implementing security on commodity prices can be an important aspect of securing the offtake and we will provide you with advice and potential hedging counterparts.

Let’s connect and add value together.